Generative AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) started to become commonplace during my third year in college. From OpenAI's ChatGPT and DALL·E to Midjourney and Stable Diffusion, everyone is becoming more and more well-versed with creative AI technology. I took a class during the spring of my third year that allowed me to explore the uses of these platforms, and I ended up focusing on art generation, deep-faking, and AI audio.

The following, Week 5 Assignment, is work I did to try and mimic Giuseppe Arcimboldo's style of art through AI-generated images:


The following, Week 7 Exploration, is more work I did to try and generate art through AI-generated images:

Week 7Exploration

When our professor first introduced our class, he trolled us by making the class think that it was being taught by an AI. To poke some fun, I found a video on YouTube with our professor talking about the class, and I ended up creating a deepfake, altering vocals, and adding some AI imagery to depict what education would look like if the professor was an AI:

Building on all my previous work in this class, I finished the class with this video project. I used my knowledge on deepfaking, AI image generation, and AI sound generation. The sound generation uses already recorded songs from other artists being spoofed with Kanye's voice, but I also use text-to-voice at the end to create his monologue. The whole video is a joke about Kanye being inevitable, becoming the artist for every song. The reason I used the Spotify DJ was that it was just starting to be a thing around the springtime, so I chose to incorporate it due to it also using AI technology: