Some Of My Beats

Under the pseudonym Bh1ma (bhi-ma), I aim to create a collective mixtape of beats that I produced over the past year for my MAAD Capstone Seminar Project. The mixtape I am presenting is titled “SOMB”—an acronym for “some of my beats.” The tracks on this mixtape are named in reference to anime that I think fit the vibe or aesthetic of the music. Some tracks capture the digital sound found in video games, where they could function as a part of an OST. Other tracks have distorted guitars and an obnoxious amount of bass—aimed for being blasted on speakers. All in all, I seek to illustrate my ability to produce music through this mixtape, and I hope to eventually develop my own sound—both through beats and vocals. The lack of vocals allows tracks on this mixtape to market themselves as beats for artists to do vocals on. These beats would act as a foundation for possible future songs. Other tracks could find themselves within an OST for a video game, never needing vocals. 

“SOMB” attests to my versatility as a producer and my commitment to producing music. Each track reflects my artistic evolution and is evidence of my ongoing exploration of digital soundscapes. I aspire to develop a distinct musical identity that merges elements of electronic, hip-hop, and alternative music. Through “SOMB” and future projects, I seek to perfect this musical niche, using both innovation and experimentation.

SOMB Cover Art